Beads, beads and rhinestones clothing decor: 33 ideas

Beads, beads and rhinestones clothing decor: 33 ideas


Bead, beads and rhinestones clothing decor 33 ideas

Beads are not only worn around the neck!  Cardigan, T-shirt, sweatshirt, shirt, blouse, jeans or elegant dress – with beads you can decorate almost anything.  Our selection contains 33 ideas for inspiration.

1. Light gray and pearl pink colors look great in pairs.  For such embroidery, take beads of the same color, but different sizes.  Sew the largest ones first, then the smaller ones.

2. A pearl bead jewelry can be complemented with rhinestones.  Also, large beads can act as buttons.

3. Rhinestones and beads can be laid out “collar” on a cardigan with a round neckline.

4. Another version of the “collar” of beads, this time – contrasting in color to the color of a cardigan.

5. It is better to draw such a pattern on the jumper first, and then embroider it with beads.

6. In the same way, you can decorate a denim jacket with rhinestones and beads.

7. Pearls look especially tender on angora or cashmere.  Try embroidering sleeves on a raglan model – beautiful and unusual.

8. Another option for decorating a model with a raglan sleeve: rhinestones along the seam will make an elegant ordinary knitted sweatshirt.

9. Rhinestones and beads will add shine to a sweatshirt or a T-shirt with a painted crystal (by the way, you can also draw a picture yourself using acrylic or felt-tip pens on the fabric).

10. A necklace can be embroidered on a T-shirt or T-shirt made of beads and rhinestones.

11. An option to decorate a blouse or t-shirt: epaulet + sleeve decorations.

12. Another version of the “epaulette” of brilliant elements.  In this case, the shoulder line is additionally emphasized by bead pendants.

13. A simple T-shirt with the decor of beads and rhinestones can be turned into an outfits.

14. Beads can embroider the entire T-shirt or cardigan.

15. Rhinestones can lay out a pattern on a shirt shelf – for example, denim.

16. Option – stick or sew them to the corners of the collar of such a shirt – this option will look especially elegant with a necklace of similar beads.

17. A more rigorous and restrained decor – for silk or chiffon blouse.

18. Bright, eye-catching option – for a classic white shirt.

19. A modest, but very cute decoration – for a linen or cotton summer shirt.

20. Another simple and cute option for decorating the collar of a blouse.

21. The most delicate decoration is for special occasions.


22. Another elegant option of decoration – this is suitable for a blouse made of thin noble fabric.


23. By the way, cuffs can also be sewn on a classic shirt – for example, by “lining” them with a layer of beads.


24. A braid or embroidery on the collar of a denim jacket or shirt will perfectly complement the “fringe” of beads and beads on the pocket flap.


25. You can decorate with beads only a coquette of jeans or a shirt.

26. An exceptionally elegant option that can even decorate a wedding dress.  At the same time, this decor is done quite easily.

27. An option to decorate an elegant blouse – for experienced needlewomen.

28. Another not the easiest, but giving a luxurious result option.  Please note: not only the cuffs are embroidered, but also the frill edge.

29. The skirt can be embroidered with rhinestones, beads and beads almost entirely.

30. An option for decorating a denim jacket is for those who have enough time, patience and supplies of beads and beads.

31. Pearl jeans make it a little easier.

32. Embroidery on jeans can be complemented with bead decor.

33. Another option for decorating jeans with beads: this time the pearls are “concentrated” around the pockets.  Attention: when decorating skirts, trousers, shorts and jeans, avoid sewing large beads on the back in the hip area otherwise it will be extremely uncomfortable for you to sit in these things, Bead, beads and rhinestones clothing decor 33 ideas.

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