Best hair mask ,review Banana hair mask,Moroccan oil hair mask 

Best hair mask ,review Banana hair mask,Moroccan oil hair mask 

Banana Hair mask 

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Banana Hair Mask
Banana Hair Mask


Banana Hair Mask Benefits

Banana is a rich source of proteins, vitamins, magnesium, carbohydrates, natural oils, and biotin. When it comes to hair nourishment, bananas have tons of benefits to offer. Let’s study some of them as follows:

It maintains the natural elasticity of your hair and restores its shine and glow.
It prevents breakage and split ends which leads to the coherent problem of hair loss.
Its high nutrition value strengthens and adds volume to fine hair.
It makes your hair silky, soft and damage-free.
It regulates sebum production which is the most basic requirement for healthy hair growth.
It strengthens the hair follicles to improve your hair’s health.
It offers protection to your hair from external environmental factors, chemicals, heat and more.

treatment mask on natural hair
treatment mask on natural hair



Today I will share with you recipes for a very sweet and delicious mask – a banana hair mask.  Many people know that bananas are rich in potassium, so they are considered not only delicious fruits, but also very healthy.  Especially for people who are accustomed to an active life and often experience a feeling of fatigue.  It is believed that banana is useful for restoring blood pressure and improving heart function.  It has also been observed that banana has excellent properties that contribute to a beneficial effect on the hair.  It contains antioxidants and vitamins that are useful for hair structure.  Therefore, some companies specializing in hair cosmetics, produce excellent products, which include banana.  One of the most famous is a banana hair mask with coconut from Avon, the “Goddess of Beauty” from Lush, and there is also a mask from Oriental Princess. But today we will talk about banana masks that can be prepared at home.  Especially for those who do not like too “fragrant” hair masks with beer.
What happens if you use banana hair mask after you shampoo and condition your natural hair?  Apply a banana mask on natural hair before washing with shampoo.  The effectiveness of the mask will be much better and so properly apply your own mask.

The use of a banana mask for dry hair

You need to take one banana and knead well.  Add 1 egg yolk, 0.5 cups sour cream and 1 teaspoon of natural honey to the bowl.
All ingredients mix well.
The prepared mask is carefully applied to the head and distributed with massage movements over the entire surface of the hair.
After applying the mask, you must put on a special plastic hat and tie a towel over your head, diy hair mask for natural hair.
After an hour, you can wash off the mask with shampoo and warm water.  Such a mask tends to make hair more beautiful, soft, obedient.  It restores damaged hair and perfectly moisturizes them.


Firming banana hair mask after applying perm

To prepare the mask you need to take a ripe banana, 1 tbsp.  a spoonful of wheat germ, 1 tbsp.  a spoonful of natural honey.
All products should be mixed and grind with a blender.
The mixture is applied by massaging light movements on the entire surface of the hair.  Usually they hold the mask for about half an hour, after which they are washed off with shampoo.


Banana mask for normal to oily hair

The preparation of this mask is not difficult.  It is necessary to take the flesh of 1 banana, knead it and add 2 teaspoons of squeezed lemon juice.  Mix well, natural hair mask for hair growth.
The mask is ready, but before applying it to the head, it is necessary to moisten the hair with fresh milk.
The mask must be kept for half an hour under a towel, later they are washed off with water.

Exotic Banana Hair Mask

Take 1 overripe banana, 1 avocado and grind well with a blender.
Add 1 tbsp.  a spoonful of quality olive oil and one yolk, best natural hair mask.
The finished mask is distributed over the entire length of the hair and held for 30-60 minutes under a towel.
Wash off using shampoo and warm water.

natural hair mask for hair growth
natural hair mask for hair growth

Restorative Banana Mask

For cooking, half a banana is mixed in a blender with 1 yolk, while adding 1 tbsp.  a spoonful of natural honey and as much sour cream.
The resulting mass is applied to the scalp and distributed with light massage movements over the surface of the hair.
Such a mask must be kept under a plastic hat with a towel for at least 1 hour.
After the procedure, the mask is washed off with shampoo.


Banana mask that improves hair growth

Great mask for hair loss.  It takes 1 overripe banana, which is ground in a blender, adding 1 st.  spoon of sea salt,hair mask for natural hair.
The finished mixture is carefully applied to the surface of the head and rubbed with massaging movements.
Use a plastic hat and cover with a warm towel.
The, Banana Hair Mask, mis kept for about 30 minutes.  Then wash off using shampoo and warm water.

Moroccan oil hair mask

best hair mask for fine hair
best hair mask for fine hair

What is a hair mask?

Moroccan oil hair mask you’ve probably heard of, or perhaps attempted, a face mask. Similarly as a face mask attempts to nourish and hydrate your skin, a hair mask works in a similar way to help the condition and health of your hair.
Hair masks may also be alluded to as profound molding treatments or serious hair conditioners.
What makes them distinctive to instant conditioners is that the fixings are usually increasingly concentrated, and the hair mask is left on your hair for more — anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours.
Many kinds of hair masks can be made at home from fixings you may already have in your kitchen, similar to bananas, nectar, or even egg yolk. Or on the other hand, in the event that you would prefer not to whine with making one yourself, there are many kinds of pre-made hair masks you can purchase at the store.
In this article, we’ll take a more critical take a gander at the advantages of hair masks, how to utilize them, and the kinds of masks that may work best for your hair type.


What are the advantages of a hair mask?


There are many advantages to utilizing a hair mask, and the advantages vary contingent upon the fixings and your hair type. Generally speaking, the advantages of utilizing a hair mask include:

shinier, milder hair

added moisture

decreased hair breakage and damage

less frizz

a healthier scalp

more grounded hair

less environmental and item damage


Moroccan oil hair mask

best natural hair mask
best natural hair mask



If you want to restore damaged hair instantly use a, moroccan oil hair mask.  This remedy in 5-7 minutes revitalizes and nourishes with hair proteins damaged by chemicals and hot styling.  This highly effective,protein hair mask,intensively restoring formula contains in a large amount argan oil, shea butter, healing proteins that restore hair elasticity and internal strength.

After applying the shampoo, apply the
, moroccan oil hair mask,
Repair Mask liberally onto towel-dried hair and comb to distribute the substance evenly throughout the hair.  Allow to soak for 5-7 minutes.  Then rinse thoroughly.  The mask effectively restores the internal structure of the hair and requires subsequent use of a conditioner that seals the hair.  First use weekly, gradually decreasing the frequency of application as the condition of the hair improves.  Useful advice for thick, coarse hair: To increase the shine and elasticity of the hair, add 1 teaspoon of,moroccan oil hair mask,
restorative to the mask.


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