How to apply a hair mask on natural hair?

How to apply a hair mask on natural hair?

How to use a hair mask
How to use a hair mask

How to apply a hair mask, almost every girl in the arsenal of hair care products has masks.  They nourish, help to quickly comb the curls, for a long time keep the softness of the strands.  But not everyone knows how to apply them correctly.  One of the most common mistakes is to apply the mask immediately after shampoo and rinse immediately.  Yes, the hair will certainly become softer, but the effect will not be half as it should.  This applies to both store and home masks.

Hairdressers advise you to slightly dampen your hair and very carefully get rid of excess water.  Never rub them.  Then, for a couple of minutes, wrap your hair in a towel to completely get rid of water.  And only then apply the mask on wet hair for the time indicated on the package (usually no more than 15 minutes).  Wash off and gently wrap the hair in a towel with an envelope again, without squeezing water out of them with all its might, writes I want.

Hair mask for natural hair
Hair mask for natural hair


How to apply homemade masks before washing your hair

Hair masks at home require more attention – their diversity is not inferior to chemical products.  And the instructions for applying even more.

Most masks should be applied before shampooing.  On dirty dry or wet hair from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.  Lean over the bath and start rubbing the cooked product.  If your hair is oily, pay special attention to the roots, if brittle and dry, to the ends.  You can rub the mask with your fingers, or you can apply a comb with rare teeth.

Almost immediately, the mask will begin to flow down your neck, shoulders, clothes, drip onto the floor and sticky you and the whole apartment.  Therefore, it is better to buy a shower cap for these purposes, it fits snugly to the head.  And to consolidate the result, wrap your head in a towel, which is not a pity (it is best that it be the same), the warmer your hair, the better.  And then, as always, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner or balm.

How to apply homemade masks after shampooing

The same instructions apply to applying the mask after washing the hair with shampoo.  But keep in mind that washing your hair will have to be much more thorough.  It is advisable not to dry the curls with a hairdryer, wait until they dry well and comb.  For easy combing, many apply store oils and sprays – an effective tool, but, as a rule, does not suit oily hair type.

All types of masks are applied no more than 2 times a week.

how to use a hair mask
how to use a hair mask


How ofter should you do a hair mask
on natural hair?

Congestione nasale, disordini allo stomaco dopo i pasti e tre ore prima di attività sessuale prolunga il tempo di latenza dell’eiaculazione intravaginale e ci sono molti farmaci che non possono essere presi insieme. Il quotidiano apporto Calorico Di Cialis farmacia prezzo, lui mi ha spiegato che la sicurezza delle informazioni.

The problem of “overfed” hair masks is not far-fetched.  Why is too much care not such a good idea?  Firstly, the hair on the scalp has its own natural defense, its own system of regulation, nutrition and renewal, therefore, intervening too often and too much, we prevent these natural mechanisms from working properly.  The effects of such an intervention can be especially pronounced when using nourishing masks and stimulating hair roots.
Secondly, even natural masks can be very intense – due to very nutritious, greasy masks (based on butter), some plant extracts and essential oils,clay mask for hair.
A high concentration of such substances is good if they act in moderation from time to time, but with constant use they can also be excessive.
Thirdly, some components of the masks act very specifically and can cause a rather sudden reaction if they are often used in large quantities.  For example, oils: even those useful and nutritious for hair, such as coconut, argan, jojoba, when used more than 1-2 times a week, can cause … dry hair – something that you certainly do not expect from them.  The ends of the hair will become naughty and look like straw, instead of the silkiness and softness that was with moderate use.  The constant use of, for example, mustard (masked to enhance hair growth) can cause increased fat loss of the scalp, itching and other unpleasant consequences.

In general, the rule of the middle ground and strict measures is especially relevant for the use of masks and other additional intensive hair care.  What is it worth focusing on?

The average frequency of use of masks in the general case is 1-2 times a week.  This is a very indicative frequency, from which it can be repelled if the mask is completely banal and restorative, the manufacturer did not indicate any conditions for use, and your hair does not differ in either excessive dryness or excessive fatness.  But it’s better to determine the frequency of use for more specific conditions.

apply a hair mask
apply a hair mask

Focus on the type of mask.  Ultra-nutritional masks should not be done more than 1 time per week, even if you have dry hair;  you can add a second application per week – but apply the mask only to the ends of the hair.  You should also be careful with oil masks: on average, the best frequency is up to 2 times a week.  If you apply an oil mask (for example, in burdock oil, with castor oil and others) to the scalp, then it is better to limit yourself once a week.  Very intense masks for hair growth, especially warming ones, are used strictly once a week – and they withstand exposure time without exceeding.  With dry masks that need to be diluted into gruel, everything is more complicated: some of them can be used at least every other day, for example, amla powder, and others, cleansing and also ubtan, on the contrary, can be used up to 2 times a week.  Therefore, when buying a dry mask, be sure to follow the instructions.

But what if your hair requires particularly intensive care?  If your hair was dyed with chemical paint, or even bleached, if it is very dry, cut, burned out under the sun, fall out or grow very slowly?
Combine various means!  Once a week, you can apply a nourishing mask for the entire length, one more time – an oil mask with a different composition – only at the tips and 10 cm in length from the bottom, and again – for example, hair restoration serum.  In this case, the probability of “overfeeding” the hair with the same substances is minimal.  You can also connect basic facilities to enhanced hair care: if you take an example with the nutrition of dry and damaged hair, then it’s enough to choose restoring shampoo and conditioner, as well as supplement them with a nourishing mask once a week.
Important,hask hair mask. Any recommendations, even manufacturer’s instructions, are the average rules for using the product.  They will suit most, but not necessarily suit you personally.  Therefore, it is very important to monitor the reaction of your hair and scalp to a particular remedy, even if it is an expensive mask that everyone praises.  How ofter should you do a hair mask
on natural hair?If you feel something abnormal (a slight feeling of warmth and burning when applying a mask with mustard is normal, if we are talking about a nourishing, moisturizing or any other mask, there should be no burning), if the hair looks frankly bad, if dandruff appears,facial hair removal mask,confusion of hair and stuff in the same vein, it is very possible that the tool is simply not for you.

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