What are the different types of bikini waxing?

What are the different types of bikini waxing?

Well, knowledge is power, baby. Read on for the eight most common types of bikini wax you can get for the next time you’re thinking about going bare.

1. Classic Bikini Wax
“A bikini wax only removes the hair that would be visible around the bikini line.Some hair remains and can be sculpted into a landing strip, triangle, or other style.” If you’re a waxing newbie, this is probably your best bet.

2. Mini Brazilian
“A mini Brazilian involves completely removing the hair from the front, leaving it totally bare,” Haylock says. When getting a mini Brazilian, you can expect to lay on your back with your legs bent, feet together, as if you’re in butterfly. From there it’s all steady breathing and anticipating wax strips until the job is complete.

waxing hair removal near me
waxing hair removal near me

3. Full Brazilian
“The full Brazilian wax is comparable to the mini Brazilian, except that the behind area is also waxed,” Haylock says. Now, this is where things get a bit more up-close-and-personal,as if being pantsless and spread eagle weren’t already so.
Razors on Blue Background
The Right Way to Shave Your Bikini Line
In order to reach the behind area—a.k.a. your butt crack—your technician will typically take one of two routes. You’ll either hold one leg up at a time so that a quick strip can be ripped, or you’ll flip over onto all fours. Hope you’re not shy!

4. Brazilian Plus
If your “happy trail” makes you feel anything but, ask for a Brazilian Plus. “The Brazilian Plus includes a full Brazilian wax, plus the stomach trail,” Haylock says.

bikuni waxing alternatives
bikuni waxing alternatives

5. Brazilian South
Full Brazilian? Check. And, while you’re at it, might as well throw in your legs, too. Yup, you can officially get a one-and-done treatment so that, not only will you not have to risk razor bumps on your bits, but you can skip out on nicking your shins in the shower, too.

6. Butt Strip
Such a lovely name, I know, but, in all actuality, that’s exactly what it is—a wax strip or two targeted at your crack and your crack alone.

7. Full Buttocks
Hair happens. And if you’re not feeling the stuff that pops up on your cheeks, simply request a full buttocks for a hairless rear.

waxing for hair removal
waxing for hair removal

8. Brazilian Total Body
Instead of stopping with a lower-half wax, this option lets you extend the hairless love all the way up to your neck. Arms, chest, back, stomach, bits, butt, legs, feet—it all will go.
And, there you have it—way more bikini waxes than you probably ever knew existed. What are the different types of bikini waxing,so we learned all about it.
Only question now is: Which will you choose?

waxing definitions
waxing definitions


What is waxing?

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What is waxing, not a simple question.
Each of us understands that hair removal is the removal of unwanted hairs.  But what is the difference between hair removal and depilation?
The difference between hair removal and hair removal, according to cosmetologists, is that in the latter case, the hair after the procedures completely stop growing.
This effect is achieved by the destruction of the follicular apparatus when the root part is removed.
In a normal conversation, we are accustomed to call hair removal all the methods by which hair is removed from the bulb, and hair removal – when that part of the hair that is located above the skin is removed.  Therefore, it is customary to say that epilation is possible at home, implying procedures such as waxing, sugar epilation and epilator.  Although, in essence, these methods of “torture” are related to depilation.

By hair removal, it is correct to mean the following methods of hair removal:

Laser hair removal



Ultrasound method;

Enzymatic hair removal;

Elos (“electro-optical synergism”);

Flash method;

Blend Method

Sequential Blend;

Sequential flash;


It often happens that cosmetologists promise a 100% hair loss within 10-15 procedures, but in reality this process can drag on for several years.  The fact is that effective hair removal is possible only when the hair is in the stage of growth (there are still stages of transition and rest).  According to studies, 80-88% of all hair is usually in this stage.  So, the eyebrow area in the anagen (growth) stage is 15%, on the legs and on the bikini line – 30%, the area of ​​the upper lip – 65%, the chin area – 70%, and the head – 90%.

waxing people
waxing people

Also, if the hair has been damaged during the growth stage, there is a small chance that it will be permanently removed.

Depilation includes more familiar methods that you have probably done more than once at home: 

Shaving hair;

Resin or wax hair removal;

Sugar hair removal or shugaring;

Plucking hairs with tweezers or an epilator;

Hair removal;

The use of depilation creams.

waxing classes for estheticians
waxing classes for estheticians

These procedures are much cheaper than hair removal procedures.  Especially shaving can be done at home.  But depilation has several disadvantages.  Firstly, there is a need to periodically and constantly repeat the procedure.  Secondly, the permanent removal of only the upper part of the hair leads to the fact that the hairs begin to grow faster, often growing into the skin.  And thirdly, it can be very painful, although it is possible to alleviate suffering if you do wax or sugar waxing according to the lunar calendar.
Types of hair removal are widespread.  However, their main drawback is that they are carried out with the help of expensive equipment, with the participation of an experienced expert and most often only in special salons.What is waxing, we answered this question and now we can more easily choose the one that suits everyone.

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